Thursday, April 10, 2014

an interview with ltw.

i’ve been a reader of a southern style for a while, and recently she posted an interview with her guy. i giggled the whole time reading it and so i decided to give lee the same questions too.

he was surprisingly eager to do it. although at the end, after i cut him off, he did say “wait, you’re not going to ask any questions about me personally? i thought this was an interview about me; not how little i know about this stuff.” 

thanks for the support, babe. here's your laugh of the day. 

me: what is the name of my blog?
as the wine cork turns.

he then starts rambling about luxury items in cars. he’s already distracted two seconds into the interview!

me: what do i typically write about?
food. and feelings. oh, and the adventures we have.

me: what's a popular fashion item for women right now?
uhhhh let’s go with pastels. i have no idea.

me: well, that’s more so a color scheme, not an item.
oh. scarves. rompers? they look so fun!

i’m actually shocked he knows what a romper is.

me: what's the best place to shop for women?
the mall. you are a walking h&m. and i guess anthropologie – if you have money.

me: what do you know about pinterest?
it’s where girls put up their feelings and recipes and wedding ideas.

me: what's a hunter wellie?
a what? spell that for me & use it in a sentence.

me: what do you and i like to do together?
cook together & spend time together. we do everything together. oh & cuddle.

me: what's the pantone color of the year for 2014?
this is an easy one. coral. or darker lavender?

me: it’s actually radiant orchid – which is a purple.
got em!

i’m proud of this one 50%. but my favorite color is purple, so i may have influenced this.

me: what do women keep in their purse?
their freakin’ life. makeup. wallet. phone. tampons. candy.

candy. seriously?

me: what do i do when i'm home alone?
probably have way too much fun with the dog. do you dress her up?

me: maybe.
i knew it. you blog, you online shop and you also nap. 

i sound like the most boring person ever. 
me: and what do you do when you're home alone?
use the internet to catch up on music news. get on reddit. i watch my tv shows that you hate.

in my defense, they’re shows like the walking dead, vikings, etc. blood and gore. not into it.

me: what's my favorite accessory?
oh gosh. hopefully that michael kors watch i got you. i know you like the chunky necklaces. can i call them chunky?

me: yes.

me: what's an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
$20 bucks?

me: and what item would be worth $20?
those naked eye shadow palette things you have.

me: those urban decay palette’s are $50 a piece.
whaaaaat!?! i am so out of the loop.

me: what jewelry do i wear everyday?
i think you wear that watch. gold jewelry a lot too.

me: what's my favorite TV show?
you don’t watch a lot of tv, but i guess 'the bachelor.'

he is right. i don’t. i’m a movie girl, so don’t judge me that 'the bachelor' is the answer.

me: what does OOTD stand for?
i’ve seen that before. one of... one of those days?

me: it stands for outfit of the day.
pshhh mine’s better. more applicable for men & women.

me: anything else you'd like to share?
anything? about what though? that’s not a very good question. do i just say anything?

me: yep. i got all that down.


he is my personal comedian day in and day out. i don’t know what i would do without you, lee!

happy thursday.