Tuesday, April 8, 2014

and we can't stoppp.. or can we? the miley experience.

if you know one thing in the pop culture world, it's the outlandish actions of miley cyrus. the artist is currently on her #bangerz tour and last night's stop was charlotte.

ok so, im a fan of her. i don't know whether that makes me cool or crazy, but one thing's for sure - the girl is a marketing genius. from borderline inappropriate performances, outfits, behaviors and that tongue that's out in every one of her pictures, she knows how to draw attention. do i think she's taken it a bit far? perhaps. regardless, i purchased tickets like 40,000 other people for when she came to the queen city.

we actually had a decent size group. both allyson & danielle were there; alongside danielle's sister, morgan, and a few other people that came with them. we decided to share some flatbreads at blackfinn after work before the show.

blackfinn ironically {not sure if this was accidental or on purpose} started playing miley's "party in the usa" over their dining area speakers and all us girls started clapping.

and kept clapping! cheering even. getting stoked for the show.

until the table of 4 girls looking disappointed asked us if we were going to the show & then informed us it was cancelled.

um.. what?
we did what most people did & immediately went to our email inboxes, twitter, instagram, or any other social media outlet trying to confirm this. and sure enough, it was true. the show was cancelled 30 minutes before doors. apparently, miley had "the flu."

why on earth the flu decided to sneak attack her 30 minutes before doors and not, you know, earlier in the day, when they COULD'VE made the announcement is beyond me. personally, i don't think she's sick, but what the heck am i gonna do about it other than blog about it? considering her raleigh show is still on for tonight, i'm gonna go ahead and call bs on that. i know her dog recently died because it was attacked by coyotes or something crazy, but when you're a pop sensation, you grab a box of tissues, a few oreos, and a double cheeseburger, and you cry. then you get over it and go perform for your fans. 

don't get me wrong. if something were to happen to francesca, i would be devastated. and she's not even mine! but i'm also not miley cyrus, so i'm allowed to take a few days months. you are not miley!

i actually was talking to a few girls in the bathroom saying they drove 4 hours to get here & took off work. i would've been livid.

so, as the world would have it, mayhem set in. girls were crying, drowning their sorrows in tequila, and tweeting to miley how their life was ruined. i admit i was disappointed because i wanted to see her swinging on a wrecking ball in person and/or her "twerking."

there was even this girl who made it to youtube. how embarrassing.

but hey! i got on charlotte observer for my reaction to the cancellation news. 

{claim to fame}

so, life decided to throw us one. we took our night to tin roof & i had some bomb guacamole before it was all over with.

even with all the run around, i had a great night with my girls. when life gives you lemons.... you take it. because free shit is cool.

always one to try & make the best out of things,