Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april fools? don't joke with us, spring!

today may be april fools, but this tooth pain is no joke. i finally got my permanent crown put on my tooth today from when it shattered and it was horrible! i don't know about you, but i have found sometimes dentists tend to "go crazy" on the amount of treatment you need done. has this ever happened to you?

i'm not kidding here - i know i needed the crown considering my tooth cracked in half. however, apparently my new dentist seems to have stumbled upon 4 new "fillings" that "need taken care of immediately." we will see!

speaking of the dentist, i totally used it today to get lee for april fools. he knew i had my dental appointment, so i figured it would be cool to have a little fun.

poor guy was genuinely concerned! i have such a sweet boyfriend so sorry, babe! i may have taken it a little far considering i was telling him i would be front-tooth-less. but, i couldn't resist. i was dying laughing when pranking him, so there's your laugh for the day. 

i also was pretty pranked with this today too.

offer me fake pizza and see what happens! it was equal parts hilarious & mean. mostly mean. 

anyway, the weather is gorgeous this week so it makes up for it. in the mean time, we grilled chicken & veggies and roasted some rosemary potatoes for dinner. i hung out outside catching up on all your blogs while listening to music & watching lee throw the frisbee to franny. 

i could get used to nights like this more often! if this weather is playing tricks with us and will soon disappear, i'll be a sad camper. so pleeeeeease bring it spring! charlotte is BEYOND ready.