Saturday, April 26, 2014

chicago: all things food.

what a week! i enjoyed reading all of your comments and suggestions on my previous post! i had limited free time in the city, but did get around to some great {and freaky} eats. 

the first one may be a tad boring because it's hotel food. the first night i was in chicago i worked a 14 hour day and the thunderclouds decided to set in right as i was getting off. i ordered a filet mignon from the hotel. it was nice to just relax in bed - yes. in bed. - with my steak.

i stayed at the hyatt regency off wacker drive which had some pretty cool views of the city. 

more on that later. back to the food.


after much debating between lou malnati's and giordano's, i chose giordano's. i heard you had to do a deep dish pizza in chicago and i'm sad to say that normal pizza is completely ruined for me. nothing tops this. 

pepperoni, sausage, bacon, salami, & mushrooms. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. a local brew - green line - was tasty washing it down.

burgers and popcorn.

for lunch one day, i grabbed this turkey burger & a bag of garrett's famous popcorn - chicago mix - meaning caramel & cheese. it lived up to its hype. the theory is the sweet mixed with the sharp cheese is an equal satisfaction for your taste buds. i brought some home for lee and he was estatic.


like i mentioned, i was pretty busy the three nights/four days i was there. but my last night, i decided to pop into this place because they had mini couches & looked ridin' solo friendly. i've never ate more meals alone in my life as i did in chicago. 

i started with a french sauvignon blanc, which is rapidly becoming my favorite wine, and some calamari & scallops. 

the next story is what i was referencing as freaky at the beginning of this post. i asked the waitress for her recommendation of fish and she said this brook trout was "to die for." so, i sipped on my wine more and she finally brought my dinner and sat the following down in front of my face.

you guys, i lost it. i am NOT a fan of this by any means. i am not a vegetarian, but i would prefer the head of what i'm about to eat be taken off prior or at least a heads up so i can say oh heck no, i don't want that! i didn't blow chunks into the seat next to me, but had to close my eyes to remove it. it was horrible. i immediately had a waiter remove the parts from my table in order to not tear up. call me lame, but there are certain things i can't handle and that's one! however, they did have gluten free beer - a local brew called prairie path. it was awesome! 

more on chicago adventures next time.

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