Friday, April 4, 2014

do you know your abc's?

i’ve seen a few other bloggers do this abc blog and i really like reading them so i decided to jump in for today’s post!

here goes nothing. don’t judge my weirdness.

A – Age: 25

B – Birthday: September 19th

C - Color: purple. or brown or gray. or yellow. coral. the whole rainbow.

D – Drink: coffee. wine. water.

E – Eyes: brown-eyed-girl

F – Flashback: me at 4. i’ve been giving stank eyes since 1992.

G – Google: anything & everything. mostly when i’m sick & discover i’m dying.  or song lyrics.

H – Hobby: running, blogging, movie watching, trying new foods

I – Indulgence: chocolate

J – Job: sales manager in hospitality

K – Kids: two; someday!

L – Loves: organizing, naps, dining outside, mustard yellow clothing, photography, the beach 

M – Music: all of the above. you’ll find on my spotify rap, country, christian, alternative, pop, oldies, and every taylor swing song known ever written. no bluegrass though. i despise bluegrass.   

N – Nickname: bubby (lee’s idea; don’t ask.)

O – One Wish: that i could go around to people’s houses, tour the inside, tell them if i like it or not, and get paid to do so.

P – Pets: franny! i’m kinda an aunt.  

Q – Quote: “Jesus replied, "you do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." john 13:7

R – Residence: the queen city! charlotte {i can’t believe it’s been almost two years!}

S – Siblings: younger brother; andy.

T – Temperature: anything over 75. anything under 70 is freezing to me.

U – University: unc-greensboro! go spartans! {i’m sorry, but uncg need a cooler mascot.}

 V – Vehicle: honda accord.

W – Worst Habit: picking my nails. i recently have been a gel manicure addict to help with this. 

X – X-Rays: recently got one at the dentist.

Y – Yuck: people who think they are entitled. huge turnoff. & elevators.

Z – Zoo animal: polar bear! i had a mini party when i got to meet this guy. 

welp, there’s your pointless post for thursday.