Friday, April 11, 2014

five on friday means it's the weekend!

spring is finally here and i’m in love. the weather, the clothing, the longer days... what’s not to love?

{pollen. that’s what.}

i’m really excited about this weekend because i get to spend it with two of my best friends! but more on that later. now onto the friday five. there is something i’m very excited that furthered this week, but again – i need to finalize some things first.


meal planning.

i am the world’s worst dieter. i pack a salad & someone asks to go grab pizza & i’m like OKAY! but i found that meal planning throughout the week helps alot. recently i did grilled seasoned chicken, roasted potatoes, and zucchini & squash. does it get boring eating the same thing? absolutely. i can’t lie to you. but, it saves a few dollars in my pocket from eating out everyday.


this stuff is awesome. i’m a huge urban decay girl – i have the eyeshadows, swear by their eye liner & have now fallen in love with the lip gloss. i needed a good sheer color & the ‘walk of shame’ shade is my favorite.  


allyson introduced me to these this week and they’re so good! i love watermelon, but am usually skeptical about watermelon flavored candy/food/drinks etc. but this is awesome! it’s the 21st amendment brewery’s summer wheat brew & is made with actual watermelon juice. sign me up for sipping on these on a patio somewhere all summer!


whoop whoop! i have the best roomie.

i finally moved in with lee officially! living in southpark for my first two years in the charlotte area was perfect for me, but cheers to saving money, a personal chef, and someone to always make me laugh.


so this is the only scent i wear, so you can call me a dedicated mj girl. it’s such a pretty balance of florals and a sweet scent without being overwhelming. a girlfriend of mine found this cute little travel size at marshall’s for $25! it’s so perfect to take on road trips and works with airline guidelines. i am in love with the cute little bottle.

here’s to the weekend!