Friday, April 18, 2014

five on good friday.

it is a good friday indeed! happy easter weekend, y'all! which brings me to...


good friday. he is risen. 

my parents are actually out of town for easter, so we're going to be spending this sunday at the walker's church. it will be my first time there. lee says it's more of a traditional church than the other contemporary ones, and honestly, i like the traditional better. i feel a deeper connection and it reminds me of my childhood. i'm thankful everyday for my faith.


i can finally tell you the good news! so as many of you saw on my instagram - last week was my final week at the westin charlotte. it's been the place i started my career when i moved here two years ago, and i will miss seeing some of the awesome people i've gotten really close with! but i'm SO excited to take my career to the next step. i fly out to chicago on monday for training! 

a few coworkers took me to pint central after work to celebrate my time there & future endeavors over some drinks and appetizers. the jalapeno pale ale by birdsong brewery was amazing! i am so thankful for those people.


buffalo cauliflower! 

because one of my friday's five has to be about food, i wanted to share with y'all this "healthier" option. it's no secret i like chicken wings. and it's no secret that the calories can come on faster than i can anticipate. so as an alternative option, i mixed some flour, water, and hot sauce together; tossed some cut cauliflower in the mixture, baked on 425 for about 25 minutes and bam. i actually really liked these a lot. but word to the wise... they're not so great the next day after. 




i don't know about you, but when it comes to french braiding my own hair, i fail multiple times. but after a few attempts, i finally got this right. i start on the far right side of my hair, because my part is on that side and braid across grabbing more hair as i go across my scalp. many compliments on this hairstyle!


you. must. go. to. the. bb&t. ballpark.

the charlotte knights are now uptown! i went last night to their first thirsty thursday and it was a sold out event! the views of the city are incredible. pictures were flooding my instagram and twitter feeds, but who cares? one thing i miss about greensboro is the downtown baseball stadium because it's an awesome place to hang out and relax after work. now that's its two seconds from my new job uptown; even better! 

aren't those views awesome? and yes, that's natty greene's southern pale ale in a mason jar. i know i'm an idiot for paying $12 for that, but me and 100 other idiots agreed it was worth it. great marketing bb&t stadium! 

lee and i got to sit with another great friend of mine, georgia, alongside her boyfriend! she's one of the people who took me to pint central & a great friend made at the westin. we had fun taking extra "selfies" just so the annoying 13 year old boy beside us kept saying "ohhhh a selfie!?!" 


since i have today off, i plan on relaxing and prepping for chicago all next week and jumping into my new career path. cheers!