Thursday, April 17, 2014

the "blah" dip.

i kinda have been trying to do this thing where i eat better. cutting back on carbs, eating more "clean," adding less {or no} cheese to my entrees, drinking more water, no late night taco bell meals... 

seriously there was a time i was at a bar, left the bar, went to taco bell, ate my steak quesadilla in my honda, and went back to meet my friends at the bar. that's kinda embarrassing. 

anyway, you get the point. i'm a snacker. i eat when i'm bored. i eat when i'm not hungry. i just love food. and all kinds of food too. i'm hungry right now and i just had my afternoon snack! so i guess it's a good thing i'm trying out this "six small meals a day" thing. 

i love this blahhhh dip. i call it blahhhh dip because that's way easier than saying "i love this corn, black bean, avocado, tomato, red wine vinegar dip." 

grab some corn & black beans and pour into a bowl. add in diced tomatoes and avocados. you will want your avocado to be not completely ripe, but on the way there. it's easier this way as the avocado isn't so smushy. sprinkle just a little red wine vinegar and boom. insta-dip.

i eat mine with organic blue corn chips usually, but i've used this as a topping on grilled chicken or fish. its fun for satisfying your snacking craving, but not as bad for you as the other dip i make - melted cream cheese, rotel, & sausage. 

oh, heavens. that dip is good. mouthwatering. 

BUT, this is my go-to for a "healthier" way to snack.