Monday, April 7, 2014

weekend recap.

news flash!

we didn’t go out either night this weekend and i absolutely loved it. is that a sign i’m getting old? maybe.

friday night: this was my view.

all night. it was glorious. oh, i also beat lee in a few round of pong, but that’s nothing new. {just kidding, i was winning 5-2 and he came back and beat me to 7 games. my pride is having a hard time with that one.}

saturday: moving day. i moved out of my south park apartment! after being thrown around from uhaul store to uhaul store, we finally got a truck. unfortunately, they were out of the 10 ft. trucks, which is what i needed, as i don’t have a lot of furniture. but they gave us a 26 foot truck.

YES. this thing was monstrous. i am thankful to have had lee & drew {lee’s brother} helping me! although my stuff only filled up  about 1/3 of the truck. our franny girl got a ride in the truck too.

sunday: we celebrated lee’s mom’s birthday!

ok technically, her birthday is tuesday. you see, his parents live about 20 minutes from the house, and mine live 3 hours. at times it’s hard being that far away.

i made banana pancakes sunday morning {mind you, i also had jack johnson’s banana pancakes playing the background obviously} and made lee ones with m&m’s instead. they were delicious!

we swung by anthropologie & i picked out the cutest butter tray & spoon rest for us to give her. i also snagged this gorgeous necklace on sale as well. after walking away from it about three times, i just couldn’t say no. i paired it with my outfit that day that i loved & yes i’m wearing it again today.

lee made his famous kabobs & drew made his famous mac & cheese. 

i believe laurie had a great birthday. happy birthday!