Thursday, May 22, 2014

cheating to lose.

i am the world's worst dieter. i started paleo for my "new years resolution" but after a month i wanted to stab people with a fork because i missed my bread, pasta, and all the other beautiful carbs out there. plus very limited carb diets can be good, but you seriously alter your metabolism & what happens if/when you stop? plus all those headaches.... anyway. it wasn't for me.
a friend of mine told me about joel marion's cheat to lose diet. the whole pdf of the book is online! holla. i started reading the book and was pretty interested in how the diet is laid out. to sum it up, the first three weeks is a priming phase. week one, you can't consume hardly any carbs. week two, you can, but they need to be low g/i carbs (beans, light yogurt, certain fruits). week three, you can do heavier carbs (brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas). and then you have a cheat day. joel literally says whatever you want. pizza? sure. ice cream? yup!

you then begin week four with two "no carb" days, two "low carb" days and two "higher" carb days followed by the cheat day again. i picked my cheat day as sunday because when i wake up i usually want bojangles because of the night before. mmm. bojo's.
you also eat frequently. breakfast at 7. snack at 10. lunch at 12:30. snack at 3:30. dinner at 7. or something like that. this can vary depending on your schedule. as long as your body is never in "starving" mode. portions are also descibed in the pdf as well.
from what i'm gathering, the trick is to keep your leptin levels from falling while stabilizing both that & metabolism. a short workout is also detailed.
here's a peek into a few things i've been eating.
lettuce, onion, hard boiled egg (protein), organic turkey (protein), mushroom, low fat cheese (fat component)
grilled marinated chicken portioned, broccoli tossed in evoo (fat component).
baked cilantro tilapia, broccoli tossed in balsamic vinegar, side of guac (fat component).
lettuce, tomato, organic turkey, onion, almonds (fat component).
ok so i should tell you a secret. i'm on day 4. and i had a glass of wine last night, which is a no-no. but hey - i'm human. and i told you i was bad at this. the dieting part really hasn't been that bad and i'm adhereing to those guidelines for the first week of "no carbs." the workout is pretty easy as well. i've added some at home dead weight lifts too. if it's successful, maybe i'll update later! this hasn't felt like a "diet" at all - which is awesome. it is more of a lifestyle change and not eating pizza four times a week. 

kidding. i never did that... 
what "diets" have you found that have worked or that super sucked? reading his book has opened a new interest for me.
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