Friday, May 9, 2014

fabulous friday.

wedding season is in full effect! we have the first one this weekend and can't wait to celebrate blake and sarah! but for now, on to the five...
i've missed being a blondie! and as much as i will never go back to platinum blonde city as i was a few years ago, i was able to convince my hair stylist that we could lighten up the ol' strands. it's so subtle and even lighter in the sun!

i'm just obsessed with this song. i wanna get better - by bleachers. the beat is catchy & upbeat. although, i can pretty much guarantee that it's not about working out, it's still one my favorite songs to run to. because obviously, when you're working out, you wanna get better right? right.

this cute little black and white polka dotted top & my mustard cardigan. first off, i love cardigans. is that a sign of being old? these are a steal at h&m for like $14 bucks! it made for a fun outfit for casual friday in the office.

with all the rush of crowds at every mexican restaurant known to man on cinco de mayo, we decided to have our own party. chicken & beef taco salads with all the toppings. living with a boy who knows how to cook equals one happy girl.

happy mother's day weekend!
i've had about three people tell me randomly and i don't have children. does that mean i look like a mom? dang cardigans. however, love on your mom this weekend. it's sad i will not get to see mine on mother's day, but she knows i love her so very much and has always been someone i can talk to and a shoulder to lean on. i love you mama! thanks for always making fun of me for putting my hand on my hip in pictures because we have the picture below.

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