Friday, May 16, 2014

finally friday.

i've been counting down to this weekend forever because i'm surprising lee with a day trip! be sure to check back later to see where that is. i can't say right now because he actually reads this thing.
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after many different failed attempts and a few hundred strands of hair pulled from my head, i have finally found a stress-free route to and from work. this may seem like nothing to you, but to someone who genuinely gets stressed out about dumb people who can't drive - this is huge.
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today is our one year anniversary! call me silly, but i love celebrating the day that we began dating. it gives us something to look forward to and an extra reason to spend time and treat each other. lee has surprise plans for me tonight (that i actually haven't figured out yet), so i'm so excited to get to tonight! don't even get me started on my excitement for tomorrow -- as if the first sentence of this post didn't make you realize that.
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five words. bacon wrapped, mushroom stuffed chicken. it's no secret we like to cook and if all i have to do is butterfly my chicken, plump some mushrooms inside, & wrap the whole thing with bacon & bake it - i. am. in.
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my girl. sometimes i forget franny isn't mine! she is probably one of the smartest dogs i've known as she picked up the "BANG" play dead trick within 10 minutes.
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is there anything better than drinking a corona after work on a patio as the sun goes down? that's exactly what allyson & i did this week. i'm very glad my new job still sits in uptown charlotte because i get to have after work dates with some girlfriends that mean a lot to me. cheers to bringing on summer!
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