Thursday, May 1, 2014

friday's five.

oopsy! i was so busy last week i missed the five on friday. but after the first full week at my new job, i'm excited to have a few days to spend relaxing! i'm not gonna bore you with the blah blah stuff so here's straight to the point:


when i was in chicago, i missed home. i know i was only gone for four days and call me a wimp, but i did. lee sent me this text with a "we miss you" attached. the guy on the right you know, but the guy on the left is my childhood stuffed elephant bff named "puf-a-luff." don't laugh at the name! or do. it's funny. both of them are the best & it got me through the week of being in a city on my own.


fine. the second one is sappy too. this was the message i received when i got home home on the board i made him. how sweet, right? it made coming home that much more special.


ahh! the linkup that myself and three other bloggers are starting next tuesday! you guys, i'm so excited about this. i love that it gives you freedom to talk about what's trending according to you. it's open to you expressing something that you're interested in that others may not know. find out more about this linkup here. i can't wait to read all of your posts!


starting a new job has its perks. i could name a million, but one is that i have begun to pack my lunch everyday. not only is it money-saving, but i try to make it healthy! this week is sliced turkey on honey wheat bread with tomato, lettuce, & pesto. my side is sliced orange or red peppers & zucchini. i could eat these everyday!


last night, i got to officially meet up with alyssa from lessons with a! she emailed me asking to get together for a drink and i'm so glad we finally met. we have so much in common from past stories and life experiences, to what we want out of life, to our love of wine. hello? my blog title? you already know this. alyssa was so sweet and i can't wait to hang out soon. 

it's friday you guys! i hope you have a great weekend.

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