Thursday, May 15, 2014

it's worth the ten dollars.

i remember when birch box was huge. everyone had it. and everyone complained about it and the level of the products. i can't say anything for or against it because i never subscribed. a good friend of mine, candis, (who i trust all beauty questions with) told me about ipsy which apparently had better samples and was also the $10 buckaroos a month. 

hey. why not, right?

i've been a member for about 4 months now and although there's about one product per bag that i don't really get that much use out of, the remaining four are well worth the ten dollars spent. may's bag - you can see above. on the go wipes, boo boo cover up (which i laugh at the name), eye shadow, spf 35 sunscreen, & - my personal favorite - a hair mask. some of these brands i have not heard of, but they definitely have an awesome selection of well-known brands too.

there's at least one product a month that i want more of so their marketing scheme works. dang you, ipsy! 

i also love the bag. every month you get your products in a different, cute bag and this month was my favorite bag to date. i'm also a huge naked 3 palette lover, so the eye shadow i probably won't use that much, but everything else seems like a win to me. and considering this is my hair today from going to sleep with it wet last night, i'd say that mask is calling my name.

so far, i am very pleased. i follow ipsy on instagram and see all these negative comments and it bothers me because you can cancel anytime you see fit. that's another reason i love this because the second you decide hey i'm cool now ipsy, i don't need you anymore - boom you just unsubscribe. i give this service 4 stars and nope, in case you're wondering, i am not paid to write this. heck, i wish i was! but for now, i'll just keep on getting to try awesome products and hopefully find more tricks to tame this mane of mine. 

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