Wednesday, May 14, 2014

love is war.

i do this thing where i hear a song, will listen to it eighty majillion (yes, that many) times in a row, get tired of it, move on to the next song, and rarely listen to it again. for some dumb reason i repeat this crazy cycle and i'm not aware i'm even doing it (or am i now aware that i'm posting about it?). anyway, i listen to all genre's of music - country, rap, alternative, pop, christian, oldies - you get the picture. i have three cd's in my car - drake, eric church, & needtobreathe - if that tells you anything about my music capacity.
the problem with this is i forget how good some of these songs are & i relate my life to music probably more than anything else. yesterday, as i was replaying "i wanna get better" by bleachers (my current on-repeat song) my spotify app shuffled to one of my past-repeat obsessions by a not very well-known, yet beautifully talented vocal duo, american young who sings love is war.
there is such an easy sweetness to this song, yet the such a true, honest message.

"young lovers in a picture frame, ever notice how there ain't no rain? nobody hangs hard times on the wall. you won't see it in an 8x10, but there's a storm every now and then; a slamming door down the hall. // an old couple on a front porch swing, on a walk down memory lane. been through the fire & back again. through the clear and and cloudy skies, still love in each other's eyes. sometimes love is war, but sometimes you win."
i love this. i love how they reference arguments & hard times with someone you love aren't something you broadcast or show off. a lot of times these things go on behind closed doors. you don't post your fight on instagram with the "valencia" filter. you don't tweet the things said in the heat of an argument (and if you do, stop that shit.) social media seems to only capture the times where you're smiling in meadows of butterflies and rainbows, so it's common to think love is always easy; that you don't have to work at it. reality is a little different. everyone knows there will be times where you fight, and get on each other's nerves. there will be times where it seems easier to give up.
i will be dating lee one year on friday. i cannot believe it's been that long! we, too, aren't perfect & have had our share of "war," but i've always said the good should always outweigh the bad and that's not even a comparison with us. what i like about this verse is that it talks about how throughout the hardships, you can still have love for someone. you can be mad at them, but still want to hold their hand. you can go through the tough times and still want to be with that person more than anything. and, to me, that's the ultimate win.
i love the way love is portrayed in these lyrics. sometimes you do have to give in and realize you are wrong. sometimes you don't have to budge on how you feel about something and stand up for yourself. sometimes love is soft and weightless, and other times it can be something you really have to work at. but above all, we fight the war because it's worth fighting. when you truly love someone, you don't give up easily. i'll leave you with the chorus, because it's the perfect definition of what it's like to love someone.
"sometimes love is a white flag, sometimes love is standing tall, sometimes love is a feather, sometimes a cannon ball. and it's worth fighting for. baby, sometimes love is war."
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