Wednesday, May 28, 2014

luna's living kitchen.

yesterday marked my first vegan experience. and no, i'm not vegan. kuddos to you all that practice that, but honestly, i don't think i could. anyway, yesterday i tried out luna's living kitchen.
this place serves up raw, organic meals which are all made in house and buy the products from local farmers and farmers markets. i checked out the "lunasagna" which is made of: layers of tender, crisp zucchini noodles, sun-dried tomato sauce and mushrooms. this dish gets rave reviws for its velvety, vegan cashew-basil cheese made in house. served with a local green salad.
copied straight from their website, i knew i wanted to give it a try.

it was good! way better than i thought it would be, actually. the tomato sauce & mushrooms on the zucchini was my favorite part; other than the local salad & dressing. next on my list will be one of those collard green wraps.
now for the fun part. luna's also makes cold pressed juices and offer juices cleanses made by them. it was quite expensive (or so i thought), but i signed up for a three day juice cleanse starting next tuesday and ending thursday night. 7 juices a day composed from those below with water inbetween for three days. Lord, help me.


i tried the tree of life yesterday and had trouble getting that down. i know it's because there wasn't a lot of fruit in there and a lot of their other juices have that component.

it tasted like celery smothered in pepper. everyone in the office thought i was crazy. maybe i am. 

if you have ever juiced and have secrets/crazy experience or just advice in general, this girl over here would love to hear it.
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