Monday, May 19, 2014

one year.

as previously mentioned and portrayed by my everyday life, i love celebrating things. so of course we had to do it big for our one year.
lee wouldn't tell me where he was taking us on friday night and to my surprise, it was a perfect spot. after giving me my present, which was my choice of a spa service at urbana wellness spa, we then headed 21 stories up to dine at fahrenheit, which overlooks the charlotte skyline.

in addition to the phenomenal views and outdoor bar scene, the food is freakin' amazing. we both ordered filets over roasted tomatoes, zucchini, & potatoes, lobster mashed potatoes (yes. lobster mashed potatoes.), lobster rolls (we apparently like lobster) and a bottle of wine. it was romantic & sweet & so thoughtful. 


if you're in the area and just want to drop some cash, this place can do that for you alongside with an amazing meal.
saturday was my turn to spoil him. keeping exciting secret plans is SO hard for me to do, but somehow i kept this under wraps since february! we woke up at 9am and headed to saluda, nc to experience the gorge zipline! this is the fastest & steepest zipline canopy tour in the country. y'all when i read that, i was like sign me up. the zipline consisted of 11 different ziplines ranging from 300 ft to a crazy 1,100 feet with speeds up to 35 mph! also on the course is a skybridge and 3 repels.

that's right - that's the first zip straight into the trees from the outpost. it's completely breathtaking and none of us in the group could wrap our minds over how fast we were flying. what i really liked is the automatic stop this course featured, which stops your speed about 10 feet or so from the platform. if you weigh less, you have to pull yourself hand over hand, but it's so simple and a good arm workout!

8-10 people are also zipping with you which is hilarious because everyone responds differently to an adrenaline rush. our guides, bill & karen, were professional, yet hilarious, and made the experience a unique one. they captured some pictures of us on the course as well, which i LOVED. you all know i love some pictures.

we finished with smiles for days & enjoyed two beers to celebrate.

from views of the beautiful gorge, rivers, and the amazement of flying over and through the canopy of trees, this was an amazing, unforgetable experience and we've already talked about another trip in the fall! i escaped with only about 8 bruises on both of my legs, but it was worth every single one.
lee joked that we set the bar high for our one year anniversary. here's to many more! i love you babe!
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