Thursday, May 1, 2014

paperless post.

about three months ago, the walker family & i were sitting down talking after a few glasses of wine. give me wine & i'll agree to anything! 

i'm totally kidding. this is something i wanted to do. 

lee's parents were talking about how they will be married for 30 years in june and i knew lee wanted to make it special. he talked about throwing a party alongside of his brother and because i'm a planner at heart, he asked if i could help. of course i said yes!

we initially had the idea of buying invitations, writing down addresses, mailing them with rsvp cards... the whole nine yards. and then i remembered this awesome website called paperless post and figured hey! this is probably easier, and possibly cheaper, more tree-friendly, and people can rsvp online instead of worrying about sending back mail. so to the computer i went. 

paperless post is just that. what's so awesome about this is the invites can be customized down to the colors, fonts, style, writings, pretty much anything you can think of. you upload the attendee email addresses and send! boom. invites are complete. 

one thing you should know about lance {lee's father} is the man is so handy when it comes to cars. he fully built a hudson hornet and is currently working on a hornet convertible, so when it came time to choose the invite layout & i ran across a car that said "still married" i knew that was it. from the envelope to the inside design to the invite itself was completely customized. paperless post has endless options! 

when you open the email, the envelope appears and then the flap opens automatically, followed by the invite card itself. from birthday parties, bachelorette parties, housewarming parties and so on, this website was super easy to maneuver through and create the perfect invites for this special occasion. if only it was this easy to do for a wedding invite! but let's get real, i know when that day comes i will want old school snail mail invitations. 

anyway, i can't wait to share & see this party all come together  at the end of june!  

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