Thursday, May 8, 2014

spring 2014: the season that changed my mind on florals.

so i have a major confession. i used to hate the floral trend. i mean loathe it. cringe when people wore ugly floral. whenever i thought of floral, i would think of my grandmother's couch, or patterns on her china set, or the tablecloth we used for holidays. i just wasn't a fan. i also think whenever floral came to mind, i would think of this:
bad floral

blah. yawn. tablecloths. couches. the dull colors, the repetitive patterns. i'm sorry y'all, but it just wasn't my idea of fun.
for #trending tuesday this past week, katie at champagne & suitecases posted about florals and i thought her pieces were so pretty. i get h&m magazines that are broadcasting the trend that always comes back around when april/may hit. i see them on pinterest. and it's funny because it's like i woke up a few weeks ago and decided hey. florals actually can be pretty just like these beauties below.
good floral

i don't know why i didn't see this before - i think i just associated all florals as bad curtains from the 70's. i've come to terms that i'm attracted to florals that are a little more abstract and bright. florals that aren't the same pattern repeated necessarily. pieces that fade into a floral or necklaces that are floral shapes, but a gold solid color. the pink skirt, oh my i love this skirt, is the same shade, but in a floral textured cut. it's not typical.
so my eyes have been opened, world. it's a new season & this girl is ready to go pick some flowers & wear them at the same time.
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