Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#trending tuesday - bright, bold lips.

right now, i am loving pops of color on lips. from fuchsias, to bold pinks, bright reds, and corals, i've been playing a little more with my lip color than with my eye shadow.

however, some of these name brand lipsticks can be quite pricey. $30+ for a tube of lipstick? i love you sephora, but no thanks. i wanted to share with y'all the brand i've been loving lately and it's found in your nearest makeup aisle in target.

that's right. revlon colorburst matte balm. this stuff is awesome! it's like no more than $8 bucks and stays on for hours. my favorite part is the crayon like application which helps when you're in a rush. or if you just feel like being a kid and coloring in a part of your face. i haven't tried the shiny balms yet, but i'm a huge fan of the matte ones. i have a coral, deep pink, and a neutral pink. i've been wanting to try that deep fuchsia, but haven't gotten up the courage. hey barney!

bright lips. bright look! these colors can uplift any look into a more fun or sophisticated one. and i still have $22 dolla bills in my pocket. that's what's trending in my world. what about you? link up with us!
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