Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#trending tuesday - bathing suit season

ready or not, it's that time again y'all! this weekend kicks off memorial day weekend and every pool will now be open full of people soaking up the sun rays. i am super particular about my tan lines. particular as in i hate them! i have this "rule" that i will only wear strapless bathing suit tops so tan lines don't show in other summer dresses. this doesn't always work so well when fighting the ocean or playing volleyball.... if you get what i'm saying. 

i also never match my bathing suits. i love the bright neon colors, & fun textures such as ruffles or fringe. to me, it's fun to buy one bottom and pair it with a completely different top. it also gives you a ton of choices so you don't have to be that weird person who is always wearing the same suit. you know who you are. plus neon colors make you look ohhhh so tan.swim

which brings me to point two of this post. being tan. it's every girls dream to be naturally tan and glowing right? but i'll let you in on a secret, i am terrified of the tanning bed. the whole final destination 4 tanning bed scene really did it for me. plus tanning beds are just awful for you in general. i am lucky that i tan very easily but in order to do so, i need to be in some sun. we had a freakin' brutal winter so i didn't exactly get that jump start on being golden brown. 

but i did find an awesome solution.

these babies. six of them are for $7.99 and so far, i have only used four. the difference in my tan is un-effin-real. you know that awkward underside of your arm that is always glowing white & sparkling like edward cullen? nope, i don't have that. you use them like regular wipes and one is good enough to cover your whole body. i'm only sharing because someone shared with me. that's what's trending in my world this week. what about you? link up with us so more readers can catch your awesome blog!

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