Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#trending - bold prints & headbands.

i put a lot of thought into how i wanted to start this post, but i guess i'm just going to jump right in! i'm so excited that us four ladies are launching the #trending tuesday link up for the first time today! 

i don't know if you've noticed, {i hope you have} but full-on spring time has landed - in charlotte anyway. and what's that mean? adding more clothes to the way too many clothes i already have. this past weekend i picked out some bold colors and patterns to play around with this season.

white/green - similar/pink/necklace/pink headband/white headband/multicolored

one of my favorite trends have been these headbands i snagged. i linked both the coral and the lace one above. francesca's for the win on that. i've seen other places carry these, but the pattern play and colors seem to be the best at francesca's. 

it's so easy to do! i curled my hair so i would have some volume and you simply slide the headband over your head like you're putting on a crown too tight. place the beaded side on your forehead if you want and tug the hair just above your ears so they don't stick out. tossle just a bit so it's not too perfect. 

i love this piece! i like how simple the rest of my outfit was in comparison and how different the headband can change your outfit. 

also trending in my life yesterday was cinco de mayo fun. the more fun the patterns the better! of course i grabbed a dos equis for the festivites and my fiesta top. check out the whole shirt in the link above. i got many compliments on it today and didn't even plan it on purpose for cinco de drinko!


so what's trending in your world? want to join us? here's how you join in on the fun.

1. write your post about something you've noticed is trending, whether it be a pair of shoes on your wish-list, a new song or tv show you're into, or something news or sports related. it can be anything you want!

2. follow us four & share the logo below my name on your blog and link back with myself, katiezelle, & kristina!

3. link up at the bottom of the post so some new readers can check out your topic, learn about it themselves and say hi!

i can't wait to read all your posts! happy trending!
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