Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#trending: 'merica!

i know you have seen the hashtag. i know you have seen it #trending on twitter and people hashtagging it on instagram while waving an american flag. #merica seems to never go out of style and something we love to say when representing our country in an awesome way.

i hope you had an amazing memorial day weekend! i know just how rough it is returning back to work from a long couple of days off. phew!  

i love the 'merica theme that's trending these days. as we were out on the lake yesterday, i noticed so many red, white, and blue bathing suits out there. i love how you can either make this a statement trend or use it for a fun way depending on the event you're attending. these are a few of my favorite ways to show your 'merica love.

Untitled #6

whether it be subtle through your a scarf or headband; more obvious with a tee or shorts; or more festive through decoration, the american look can never go unnoticed. drew, lee's brother, was wearing these shades while we were playing cornhole this past weekend, and i loved how festive they were for the memorial day holiday. hopefully i can find a bathing suit before july 4th!

 charlotte has a thing for nascar racing. a year ago, lee and i went to the coca cola 600 race. yes. it was insane before you even ask. i believe this shirt was found at wal-mart and trimmed up to suit the theme of the race. it's one of the first photos we took together! sidenote: i have no idea why he's looking at the ground. embarrassed at my outfit? ehh. however, it's known that the race is targeted towards a "redneck" look, but it was still fun to rock this shirt while fitting in with the crowd. 

whether wearing our country's colors for an event or to represent, i love that it always symbolizes we are the land of the free because of the brave. God bless america! what are your favorite looks to show off the usa?
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