Wednesday, June 18, 2014

calling all workout junkies!

dear my blogger friends who work out,

hi. i need your opinion.

a few years ago before the exhaustion of a 8-5 job schedule; back when i was 22 with metabolism like a baby cheetah; back when i only had classes on tuesdays & thursdays; and back when i could eat whatever i wanted when i wanted, i was a total workout junkie. i was running three miles almost everyday.

now the feeling of coming home and relaxing on the couch after work with some wine sounds much more appealing than dragging myself to my closet, throwing on my old sneakers (which are in desperate need of replacing), stretching and doing the run. 

this is my view. i will say i have found an awesome way to capture running a mile. in our neighborhood, there is a circuit i use that is 1.2 miles round trip. i do this at least twice for a totally of 2.4 miles; three times if i'm feeling lucky. i'm just trying to get back to when this view inspired me; not made me dread its existence. 

i have discovered that working out at least once to twice a week, because i eat generally healthy, maintains where i am at and that i am 100% totally okay with. this isn't some wah wah cry for your guys. but we could all stand to lose ten pounds right? and to me, motivation from others who have the same end goal as myself is the biggest key when overcoming obstacles. 

i want to know what drives you. what kind of songs? do you have a playlist? what varying workouts do you do? do you use circuit training? what different kinds of activities you do to burn some calories? what works for you that you can share?

is it staring at a picture of yourself in a bikini from years ago? (i've done this.)
is it totally restricting calories so you can run two miles instead of three? (done this also.)
is it some crazy diet that probably won't work for the long run? (check.)
is it spin class? (which i totally want to try, but right now my outside running in the neighborhood membership is the lovely price of free and gym memberships are not so much that.)
do you drink half your body weight in water a day to flush everything out? (i sorta do this.)
is it an awesome pair of nike kicks? (please give me ideas for running shoes. clueless over here.)
do you wish it away and it just goes away? (wouldn't that be awesome. they need an app for that.)

my ears are open and i'm ready for your ideas. 

a runner who isn't so much of a runner anymore, but really wants to become a runner again & just needs a little motivation. 
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