Monday, June 16, 2014

daddy's day weekend 2014

after being away from home for far too long, lee and i made the 3 hour trip to roxboro this past weekend to see my family.
my brother recently just moved into his own house! the kid is not even 21 years old and owns a house, a motorcycle, a truck, 5 chickens, and a duck. it's definitely a different world living in the country versus the big city of charlotte.

he's actually next door neighbors to my sweet grandaddy & a mile down the road from my parents so this is perfect for him. the chicken coop is located behind the detached garage which he built himself. he is so handy! the house looks great too. i'm so proud of my baby (not so baby) brother. we hung out all night in the hot tub & just caught up on life.
saturday, we got up bright and early and went to breakfast with grandaddy, then headed over to roxboro's flea market! i can't tell you the last time i have been to a flea market and my perception of one was totally off! they have necklaces, clothes (which i wouldn't dare buy), home & garden, cd's, videogames, and other trinkets.

check out daddy scoring some nike flip flops for $12 bucks! and this person who takes the flea market way too seriously. 

we headed home and started on our cookout for the evening complete with more food than i could eat & mama's homemade strawberry lemonade. the puppies (yes, i still to this day call them puppies) watched as we all hung out on the "construction" zone of the back yard where the new gazebo will be installed; where our swimming pool used to be. i can't wait to try it out next time we make the trip.

sunday was obviously father's day which i'm glad i got to spend some time with my awesome dad. i'm also very thankful my family got to spend quality time with lee. he's going to be sticking around for quite some time, i believe. we got to go to church, but right before leaving my dad goes "so... can we take a... what are those called? a selfie?"
 so that we did.

what did y'all do this weekend?
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