Friday, June 6, 2014

five on friday.

we have no plans this weekend. i repeat, no plans. do you know how awesome that sounds? i do. 

but for now, i'll take you through my top five.

one :: the biggest thing this week, hands down, has to be my 3 day juicing cleanse. this deserves a whole recap in itself so check back later this weekend for that. but, it's now OVER. dunzo. kaput. ...speaking of that, if anyone wants to deliver real food to my office, that would be awesome. and i even ate breakfast this morning! i'm getting excited to take the kick start of this cleanse and start incorporating more fresh vegetables, whole grains, and less "how do you pronouce these ingredients" foods.

two :: i finally got to see katie! she travels frequently for work and i had missed my nail partner. we got pedicures yesterday and caught up on life. isn't her dog the cutest?

three :: miranda lambert's new album. i don't know if you saw the cmt music awards night before last, but it was far from country. don't get me wrong, i am still a huge fan of what they're putting out, but to me, it looked more like a rock show. i have listened to this album today and found in {most} songs miranda sticks to a very country sound. something bad ft. carrie underwood, automatic, & smokin' & drinkin' are my favorites so far.
ps: kudos on her weight loss. she looks amazing.

four :: boats and beers. give me that sun! i'm ready for pool weekends, cookouts, sundresses, late sunsets on the lake, cornhole, sunroof open kinda days. we have plans to head up to high rock lake on july 4th and i cannot wait. i just need to find that #merica swimsuit.

five :: target's gladiator shoe find in cognac. i've been searching for some of these and target for the win. $22.99, baby!

i have a huge date with my bed and maybe one with lee. i hope your weekend will be as relaxing as mine!

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