Friday, June 20, 2014

i'm not a builder, but i can plan parties.

for some reason this week flew by for me. i'm never one to wish time away, but that just means it's almost time for our two day getaway every weeknd from work emails and crazy traffic. can i get an amen?
one :: for starters, we lee & jared broke ground on building our screened in porch!  the guys are going about this all DIY so i'm really curious to see how it turns out. every night dinner time is delayed more and more because they are anxious to get this done. have you ever went to town with hammer & nails to build something? i am absolutely helpless in this process other than to say "i think that's level?"
two :: for our one year anniversary, lee gave me a massage of my choice at urbana. complete with complimentary champagne before & after my service, it was so relaxing. i've always struggled with joint & muscle pain so massages are heavenly to me. the lady working on my knots kept using phrases like "wow, you are very tense" and "you need to stretch more. your whole body is tight" and my personal favorite... "yeah, your back is a complete wreck." so that was cool. i got a massage and realized my muscles suck. but hey, more the reason to get more massages?
three :: tomorrow is the big party! lee, drew, and i have coordinated an anniversary party for lance & laurie to celebrate their 30 years of marriage. i used paperless post to do their invites and i was obsessed with them! kate spade has gotten me into all things gold polka dotted. check back later next week as i will be talking about the party.
four :: did you catch my recap of when i cried for two hours and six minutes? still so momumental in my week that it deserves a second look through. oh gus, i still love you.
five :: so i'm not a fan of red wine. like at all. i've discussed this before, but i am a fan of free red wine. there's a huge difference there.  this week we had a bottle of wine giveaway to the person who could complete a word search the fastest. when wine is the prize i am all over that. who won? ya girl did. it was a cabernet sauvignon from provenance vineyards. it's legit, you guys, with its 14.5% content. whew!
what do you have going on this weekend?
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