Friday, June 13, 2014

lot's of food {per usual} and other fun on this friday.

this weekend we are heading home to see my parents. it's hard to believe it's been so long since i've been home and last i heard, they have taken out our swimming pool and replaced/working on a new outdoor gazebo with a tv! they are always up to something. looking forward to spending time with my family, grilling some steaks, and seeing my brother's new house!

one :: lazy days by the pool. i shared my favorite drinks by the pool earlier this week, but i was so glad i got to spend it with one of my favorite girls, allyson. we hung out last weekend with the boys by the pool. someone commented there was no music, so we got innovative. did you know if you have an extra solo cup lying around, you can let your phone hang out inside & it expotentially increases the volume? clutch.
two:: speaking of steaks, it's grilling season. actually every season is grilling season because i want everything grilled. i think i have that in common with chesson, from a southern twenty five. we are always grilling steak, chicken, fish, asparagus, zucchini, squash - you name it. but for the first time in my life, we grilled corn on the cob with salt, pepper, & olive oil. it was heavenly. give me more!
three:: i am back on #gossipgirl! i can't get into shows.  i suck. i love movies, but i struggle with that sometimes too. i know - first world problems. it's stupid because one of my favorite things to do is get lost in a movie and try to guess the ending, but my attention span thinks otherwise. game of thrones, breaking bad, mad men, nashville... all the popular shows i know nothing about. but after a three month break, i'm back serena & blair! #still2000andlate

oh, and i had pizza while watching. you can tell "clean eating" is going awesome. anyway.
four:: if you missed my "yesterday something awesome happened" story earlier this week, please check it out. it's amazing to know so many people in this world have such kind hearts. plus the theory behind it all is awesome. i can't wait to do the same for someone soon.

five:: this past tuesday night was the future show! as i've mentioned before, i listen to all kinds of music and rap has been one my favorites since high school as i jammed to lil wayne in my old mercury cougar.  lee, elizabeth and i were front row watching as he put on a high energy show and i knew about 50% of the songs! progress. and i really liked my outfit.
a half day of work is standing between me and my weekend. bring it on noon o'clock!
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