Wednesday, June 11, 2014

yesterday something awesome happened.

let me say it again. yesterday something awesome happened.
a little over two years ago, this story was for real. if you don't read it, that's cool - i can give a brief overview, but if you have a moment, it's a good one.
basically a nice man saw me doing a random act of kindness, put money towards my bill at a retail store, so i paid it forward by paying for the person behind me in a drive-thru line.
last night we attended the future show, so while i was on lunch earlier in the day, i decided it was smart to get a footlong sub to split for lunch & have the second half for dinner. luckily for me, subway was only a few blocks away from work.
i immediately became excited because it's avocado season (even though subway's guacamole leaves MUCH to be desired) so i ordered my usual turkey & avocado with veggies on the honey wheat bread.
cha-ching - $6 bucks and some change.
i opened my wallet that i carry to work everyday only to realize my debit card was in my weekend wallet; mistakenly left in there the last time i carried it. awesome.
i started apologizing to the cashier and felt rather embarassed when a man, about 50 or so with a long beard, stands up and says 'miss, i'd like to pay for it.' i said 'oh, no you definitely do not have to do that.' and he said 'i'll pay for your sandwich if you pay it forward."

he pulled out the cash and i had my lunch and dinner. i walked back to work and am so thankful there are amazing people in the world. i can't wait to see how i will pay it forward to the next person. dare you do it with me?
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