Monday, June 2, 2014

rain is a good thing.

the third country concert of the summer was the best one so far. mr. hottest guy ever himself - luke bryan. however, opening up for him was someone i am absolutely obsessed with - cole swindell. every song on his album is a hit and i guarantee you he's the next big thing. 

we started pregaming in 85 degree weather with sundresses & shades. country music jamming in the background; it seriously was the perfect tailgating weather. we even joked about pictures with our rain jackets because it was so beautiful. 

until 20 minutes later.

it was insane. the show got delayed due to intensive lightning and we were thinking we were getting soaking wet only to go home. 45 minutes later cole came on and rocked out the arena. i was there jumping up and down yelling every word at the top of my lungs. y'all really don't know how much i love him. 

and then it kept pouring. and kept pouring. we were absolutely drenched by the end of the show. luke played 'rain is a good thing' obviously and we finally didn't care. dancing in the drops and splashing in the mud (yes, the entire field turned into mud), it was definitely country show for the books. 

the rest of the weekend was spent with great friends and grilling out. we've used the heck out of our cornhole boards and we have been throwing around the idea of building a screened in porch. and by we, i mean jared & lee. i couldn't even figure out how to nail those birdhouses together during craft time at church camps. sipping on mimosas while the boys figure it out sounds good to me. 

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