Monday, June 9, 2014

the three day juice cleanse.

so a lot of you have been waiting for this post about my three day juice cleanse. to start, here were my thoughts that i documented during the three days.

holy cow, this tastes like celery dipped in pepper.
who knew carrot, apple, orange, and lemon would taste like sunkist?
the fact that these are unpastuerized kinda freaks me out.
i want mac & cheese.
my mouth is seriously on fire. cayenne pepper doesn't play.
ew. i hate beets.
wtf; this tastes nothing like beets.
i'm not hungry and i seriously don't get it.
this was kinda easy until lee made cheeseburgers.
it's a detox so no i'm not trying to lose 15lbs from this so stop asking me if that's why i'm cleansing.
i'm actually looking forward to my "melted ice cream" juice later.
coconut chai is heaven in a juice. give me more.
i want to do this for two more days.
should i?
no. give me food.
so there you have it. an inner monologue of what went through my mind while i drank seven of these a day. 

i wish i could tell you it was horrible and that you should never do it. but i can't. it was awesome. the first day your body doesn't understand what's going on and the fact that you aren't chewing anything every couple of hours is straight weird. the second morning was hands down the worst. you feel hungover and you have a heck of a headache. after my third juice from the second day it was easy sailing from there on out.

once the cleanse was over i MISSED having my juices. trust me, this weirded me out too because i am a girl who can put down some food. i had more energy and i slept the best nights sleep the entire three nights and have continued to do so ever since. this is huge for someone like me who has trouble sleeping.
did i see weight loss? of course i did. approximately 6lbs, but you have to remember that's water weight. again - i didn't do it for weight loss, but hey - what a perk!
i think the thing that blew my mind the most was that i wasn't hungry. you are consuming around 1400 calories with these juices per day. i had it in my mind that i was going to be starving, but i wasn't. the recommendation is to drink a juice every 2-3 hours, but mostly to listen to your body. when i felt hungry, i drank one. and tons of water in between.
yes, you pee every ten minutes. so be prepared for that. and yes, it's hard to stick to your juices when someone cooks cheeseburgers (AHEM, LEE). this was worth the money even though i did think it was rather expensive. $200 for three days - because i'm sure you're wondering.

now, what's in these juices? 

the tree of life juice, which i hated in the beginning, ended up not being half bad. the coconut chai and almond milk were almost desserts. pura vida, gateway to green, zinger, and power cleanser were my favorites. the only one i couldn't get down (and yes i attempted to all three days unsuccessfully) was my daily salad. it was just too chunky and anything described as chunky is just disgusting.
in 6 months i will do it again. except this time i'm going to extend it to five days. and the best part about it is i know i can do it and probably will feel even better. you definitely have to have your mind right when you do something like this, but if you're scared - don't be! i'm living proof of the sentence if i can do it, anyone can do it.
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