Monday, June 23, 2014

thirty years.

as you know, saturday was the anniversary party we had put together for lee's parents. they have an open detached garage which was perfect for hosting around 35 people. a big thanks to lee & drew for all of their hard work and preparation to celebrate their parents.

we had tubs of chilled beers & bottles of wine (in solo cups because there's no other way to party), homemade corn & bean dip, pizza dip & homemade salsa. we snagged up some bbq, cole slaw & hush-puppies from a local hole in the wall place, terry's kitchen, and drew made his famous mac & cheese. 

i have never been a fan of the bbq/potato salad/baked beans/hush-puppies sensation. people ask me if i'm not southern, if my taste buds don't work and if i've lost my mind, but i still stick by it. however, terry's kitchen changed my mind on some hush-puppies. i think i ate about four them completely guilt free. 

i was so set on a toast to be made, but didn't have the courage to do it myself & the boys weren't exactly eagerly volunteering. on old friend of the walkers, reggie, made the perfect toast to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating lance & laurie's thirty years. he told a funny story of how they met when they used to be neighbors. after hurricane hugo years back, a tree had fell in reggie's yard & lance was right there waiting to assist with ax in hand. reggie joked it was the first and only time he was excited to see someone he didn't know in his yard with a huge weapon to destruct. we all had a good laugh, but know that's just a part of lance's ready-to-help nature. 

we spent the rest of the night over some cornhole where amanda & i kicked butt. we were unstoppable & won like 6 games straight! the guys were in complete disbelief that amanda squared schooled them at their own game. 

i'm getting better and better at this cornhole thing. it's the best summer time game! thirty years is a long time to celebrate a marriage and i can't wait to do the same thing one day. what an accomplishment! happy anniversary to the walkers!

check back tomorrow for #trending tuesday to get all the details on my outfit! 

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