Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#trending: the pineapple express

give me pineapples. 

i love to eat them. i love to put them in smoothies. i love to decorate my mixed drink with a ring from a pineapple. i even love them on pizza. and now, we have a new way to use pineapples.

to wear them.

have you seen the pineapple craze on clothing lately? to be honest, it's not something i would've thought of to be such a big hit. but there's something about pineapples that reminds us of summer and a steady breeze. i have a few plans to hit the beach this season and i'm hoping to find more of this pattern before late august hits and we take the turn to boots and scarves. 

pineapples don't really scream fall & leaves, if you know what i mean. 

this pattern fits in with the neon trend that i have been obsessed with too. between bathing suits, to dresses & rompers, to totes and even some iphone cases, this is definitely a pattern of this year.

here are some pineapple looks i am loving lately.


what do you think about the pineapple trend? like or love or loathe? 

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