Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#trending: summertime wine.

i'm not a fan of red wine. the merlots, the cabernets, etc... just not my thing. it all goes back to a kenny chesney/tim mcgraw concert like two summers ago when i decided it was a great idea to drink 14% red wine before the show. that great idea was an absolute horrible idea. i'll spare you the details, but it involved me getting tripped and falling down landing on my hands bleeding all over my yellow dress. ever since then, red wine and i haven't been exactly on good terms. 

white wine is where it's at. back in college all i drank was moscato, which i can barely even touch now because it tastes like i'm drinking a glass full of sweet & lo. bleh! moscato lead to riesling lead to pinot grigio lead to my current favorite: sauvignon blanc. not too sweet, yet more unsweetened than sweet. baby steps, y'all. baby steps.

it's definitely an acquired taste, but it's my go-to summertime drink. and yes, i'm fully aware it's not full on summer until next week, but hey, 80 degree weather equals summertime in my book. 

this past weekend we got to hang out at a friend's pool and if i could sunbathe in a hot tub with some sauvie blanc like this every day, i totally would. 

and before you ask, i'm actually not a wine snob. any normal brand of wine is just fine by me, but i'm also open to trying different kinds of white wine. i used to be stuck on woodbridge, then got back into barefoot, and now i recently found out that sutter home produces a double bottle of 13.5% sauvignon blanc for $10.00 bucks at your local grocery! which is a heck of a deal versus anything other that i have found. at least in north carolina anyway. 

wine is lovely and the best thing to enjoy on a summer afternoon on a patio while watching the sun go down. ohhhh, only if it was the weekend right now...

what's your favorite wine? if you follow a blog called as the wine cork turns, i know you have to like it somewhat!

so anyway, what's trending in your world? let us know! 

we are excited to announce the giveaway winner from last week - ms. jennifer ann hayden! congrats girl! we will be having more giveaway's soon so keep your eyes peeled.

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