Thursday, June 26, 2014

wear sheer all other times except when it pours.

sheer clothing is my go-to when it's like 80 degrees out. the last thing i want is to be doing while getting my fun on outside is sweating through my shirt. not that cute. and i love that little bandeau invention. it peeks through your shirt, but covers the basics. please for the love of anything, don't pull a rihanna and attempt sheer without one of those guys.

sheer is good for all occasions except one little time, though, and i wouldn't suggest wearing it.
and that's when it monsoons at an outdoor baseball game.

h&m sheer sleeveless top // vestique black & white patterned shorts; similar here // j crew crystal sunburst necklace // target bandeau

after work on tuesday, lee and i grabbed some dinner at valhalla pub, which is right outside of the charlotte knights stadium. it was so ridiculously loud in there, i couldn't hear myself think; let alone hear what lee had to say. plus beers were $5. five dollars? sheesh. i also searched how many cals were in an angry orchard beer. soon thereafter, i poured the remains of mine into lee's glass. i had less cals for breaky that morning than was in that beer. stupid.
afterward, we met up with one of my best friends, danielle, and her boyfriend, graham, to check out the knight's game. i'm sure you've seen the picture of the field with charlotte's skyline a million times, so i won't repost it.
if you follow anyone who lives in charlotte, i know you have seen it. maybe a couple hundred times. we're all obsessed with our city on instagram.
the weather was iffy. on & off rain; here and there. just when we thought we were in the clear (and on our third beer), the bottom let out. we got soaked running for shelter & making a dart for the bathroom, which for some stupid reason isn't covered in the event of inclement weather. way to go, bb&t stadium. you were almost perfect (with the exception of your $7.50 beers. those $5 beers don't look half bad now).
danielle lives in hickory, so not getting a picture of the four of us wasn't an option. i'm so very thankful of the dim lighting because i found out really fast that sheer & monsoons don't mix. i'll let your mind figure that out.
it was raining so hard, it looked like it was snowing! and some idiot decided to run on the field and ended up chased by the cops.
the game the night before it was clear skies & a proposal. we got a thunderstorm and an arrest. regardless, it was good spending time with my girl & having our boys get to know each other & bonding over where stupid lebron is going to go. i'm not an nba girl. all other sports, yes, but nba sucks. 

so hey, my lesson is for your benefit. just check the weather before you head out for the night so don't end up like the soaking wet, see through, knotty haired chick at the baseball game.
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