Monday, June 30, 2014

weekending | burgers, dude's night, & sunday sundaes.

is anyone else working a short week this week? we are preparing to head down to myrtle beach on thursday afternoon and i couldn't be more excited. i've never spent the 4th at the beach and i'm hearing there's nothing but fireworks for miles at night. lee and i snagged a super awesome deal somewhere that i can't wait to tell y'all about, & hopefully you can use on your next trip.
so with that being said, i think i'm mentally checked out to laying in my beach chair, my floppy hat on my head, having a cold one because i hear it's going to be a hot one.
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so it's a small world. i was talking to my hairstylist and found out that her husband owns a food truck that's right outside of my work on friday's. so auto burger & fry guys it was. and let me tell you - worth every calorie.

i ordered the pimento cheeseburger. i have a slight obsesh with anything pimento; i.e. sandwiches, burgers, dipping sauces, fried pimento cheese hushpuppies (yes, that's a real thing), toast, cheerios....
obviously i'm kidding about cheerios. i don't even like cheerios. next on my list is papi queso.
saturday, we all got together & hit up the gin mill in the south end area. there was some band playing & free popcorn. shout out to them for providing snacks. originally it was myself & another amanda going out with 8 guys, but amanda had something come up last minute so i basically went out and crashed dude's night.

the guys didn't care at all and it was actually fun hanging with that many dudes.
and on sunday, we had sundaes at the sundae shop. say that three times fast. just kidding; it's actually super easy to do. hows that for alliteration?

it's been there since 1976; or at least that's what the sign says. it still had that old time feel with the neon lights, picnic tables filled with crazy kids, & the block letters for their menu.


the walkers took out the hudson car that lance built from the ground up and we drove over to the ice cream place in midland. the sundae shop is located at the busiest intersection of midland where i'm pretty sure there were tumbleweeds blowing by.
i got the cookies & cream scoop. it was a total summer cliche moment eating ice cream while the sun went down.

hope to see y'all for #trending tuesday tomorrow!
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