Thursday, July 3, 2014

a blate night.

it's okay. i didn't know what a blate was either. blogger + date = blate. erin over at two thirds hazel asked me out on a blate when she was in charlotte visiting. her blog is freakin' hilarious and i love the way her writing sounds like her talking. erin also designed my girl katie at champagne & suitcases's blog, so when i found out erin was in town, i made it a triple blate. 

i always loved the mixing of floral patterns and stripes. it goes weirdly together like other weird things. 

peanut butter & celery. 
mayo & banana sandwiches (only me? i love it). 
chocolate and bacon.

you get the point. when meeting up with bloggers, you want to look super fly, so i did what any other totally normal person would do. i dug down deep in my closest and came out with this skirt from high school.  

j crew factory boatneck tee // floral skirt (similar here, here, here) // chain link bracelet //michael kors watch // necklace: old (similar style here) // 

yes. high school. and no that's not what super fly people do, but i'm not super fly so it fits. to be honest, i'm not sure how i still fit in the thing nor do i have any idea where i got it from. is that lame to be blogging about a skirt that's going on over eight years old and i haven't any clue where you can buy it? ehhh; more than likely. but luckily there are plenty of other places who have picked on the reoccurring floral trend that comes around every year and are currently selling plenty of floral skirts to fulfill your flower pleasure. 

you'll never guess where the shirt is from. ding ding! j crew factory. i just can't get enough of this place & their simple statement pieces that pair with literally everything i have. it's like finding a golden retriever puppy that has an engagement ring around it's collar; it makes me that happy. but damn, wouldn't that be a great proposal?

katie and i headed on over to alexander michaels to grab a drink, watch usa eventually lose unfortunately, and wait for erin. 

alexander michaels is a small restaurant tucked away in the fourth ward of charlotte and is totally one of those undiscovered gems of the city. a completely gutted old house transformed to a dimly lit bar with awesome food is the best way to describe it. we chatted all night and got to talk about our best & worst blog stories. erin has future plans to come back within a few weeks and we've already got another blate in the works. 

katie and i are in talks of planning something cool for other charlotte bloggers, so stay tuned to see! if you're a charlotte blogger and i don't know it, puhhhlease let me know so we can add you to the list. shoot me your email at

for now, i'm digging back through eight years of clothing to find more hidden pieces.

totally joking.....
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