Wednesday, July 30, 2014

asparagus & spinach stuffed flounder.

i sent this picture to my best friend, because hello - this looks impressive as shiz.

i have a tendancy to binge watch the food network to the point where i start completely over-smiling every 3 seconds like giada de laurentiis does, talking in a raspy voice like rachel ray while slinging EVOO! all over the kitchen, and saying "good things are happening" over & over like the white haired anne burrell does while she teaches me to cook like a restaurant chef without being one.

she also resembles guy from guy's grocery games. fine, that was just mean. but the woman can cook though!

the zucchini and lemon were both used in this recipe, but figured it made a nice little decor around the food. right?

this girl right here is a fan of tin foil. not the prettiest, but that's why this blog isn't a dedicated food blog. i throw in an occasional receipe here & there, so when i find a way that prevents me from scrubbing cooking pans, i'm all about it.

so hence, the ugly tin foil. after all, i'm not on chopped (another food network show obsession), so presentation is thrown out the window at the crute/walker dinner table. it's all about the taste. however, i don't want y'all wondering what in the heck i'm taking pictures of, so i do try.

& now i've spent time rambling about my use of tin foil & justifying why its ok for it to be ugly. let's get back to the fish, mmkay?

when i sent danielle the picture of the cooked fish above, her first response was "omg, send me the recipe." but honestly, i don't know if there is one. i am forever mixing & matching in the kitchen; pattern matching with food, if you will. #fashionbloggerish

so instead of a standard recipe, i'll give you the easiest of directions. preheat the oven to 350. wait forever and go do a load of laundry because ovens are annoying and take forever to heat up. combine a small amount of room-temperature cream cheese & spinach together & slice the ends off of the asparagus. salt & pepper both sides of the flounder. spoon in the spinach mixture to the side of the fish you will wrap to be the inside (or don't, & just use cheese, if you have a boyfriend who declares he is scared for spinach to touch his food). wrap the fish around the asparagus & secure with a toothpick. spray with evoo. rachael ray will be proud.

bake for 20 minutes or less.

i sauteed zucchini because zucchini is hands down my favorite vegetable as a side & created a stove top made-from-scratch-no-i-don't-know-all-of-the-ingredients-in-it-because-i-kept-adding-random-things-cream-sauce to spread over the fish.

it's a really good thing this isn't a food blog.

there was milk, lemon juice, sauteed garlic, paprika, cream cheese, and pinch of flour for thickness. just throw some of that in a hot saucer pan & hope for the best.

that's what i did anyway.
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