Thursday, July 31, 2014


- i confess that i have never been to a mountain cabin for a weekend. i've been to the mountains before and i've been to a house that looked like a cabin, but never the two at the same time. this one has a hottub, pool table, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and clearly amazing views. us + 3 other couples are headed to pigeon forge on august 22nd! i'm pretty happy with our home made out of wood that hopefully we don't burn down.
for those of you who have been to a cabin, do you have tips? should we bring toilet paper? i can't imagine a whole weekend without it and i'm not sure if it's supplied. that's sad (or smart), that's my main concern.
- i confess that i am liiiiiivid at walgreens. and to think, i have graciously picked you every time over cvs! with starting a new job, i knew the process would have to take time before my health insurance kicked in for my prescriptions. so after it was valid, i asked the cashier to apply my insurance card & he said it was the same one as my previous employer when it clearly says different. no, you dingbat - this is the one i just got in the mail. i can have a short temper with things like this so i paid for my prescription out of pocket. plus we were already late heading to the beach, so i just wanted to get on the road instead of mr. wonky walgreens telling me i'm wrong. {end rant.}
- i confess that i took the "my fitness pal" app on my phone, balled it up in to a tight piece of paper, and shot it in the trash for lunch yesterday. there was a food truck featuring wings & fries outside of my office and i forgot my lunch. all calories out the window on that one.
the smell of the leftover wings & (sike. there were no leftover wings) fries was haunting me from the trashcan under my desk all yesterday afternoon. 

- i confess that i've been listening to usher's confessions: part 2 the whole time i've been writing this post. thank goodness none of my confessions don't have anything remotely close to having a baby like usher's probs. why do you think i sucked it up & paid walgreens? ya follow me?
- i confess that i send lee way too many selfies during the day. and they're never attractive ones. i don't "do" attractive selfies. my eyes have been killing me lately so i've been having to wear my glasses more and this was to express how upset i was about it to him. i'm really glad he loves me.

and really glad y'all (hopefully still) do after seeing that. someone once told me if you don't make fun of yourself, you'll never get anywhere in life. clearly i'm headed straight for the top.

- i confess that i made veggie stirfry & tried to be creative by adding in balsamic vinegar strawberries for sweetness. and as this wasn't a complete fail, it was a little too sweet for stirfry. still pretty though! lee, you were right.

- i confess that i have worn my kendra scott earrings practically everyday since i have gotten them. even if it didn't go with my outfit. i wore them yesterday with my cat scarf. kendra & cats aren't exactly a winning combo, but hey - you can't see them in the picture so who really won?

 cats rule. don't try to tell me otherwise.
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