Saturday, July 19, 2014

did y'all know nordstrom was having a sale?

it's just what everyone has been talking about all over twitter, instagram, and blogland. sorry facebook. you're filled with stupid ads, new engagements and way too many baby pictures. right now, i'm not interested in that because hello: nordstrom sale.
and rightfully so that everyone is freaking the heck out because i, too, visited the website and about died. a little dramatic over clothing & jewelry, but we all know this is the best sale of .. like, ever.
here were my (very reasonable, i might add) purchases:
'Bedford' Saffiano Leather Crossbody Bag (Nordstrom Exclusive)'Danielle' Oval Statement Earrings
'le pavillion' iPhone 5 & 5s case Scoop Back High/Low Shift Dress 
for like two weeks i've been obsessed with this cobalt blue color. the word cobalt is just cool in itself. i'm shockingly enough not huge on purses. when in highschool, if you didn't have a coach purse, you were lame - so i was all about it then. but now? i carry around my wallet, some chapstick, my glasses case & the occasional pressed powder if i want to fix myself during the day. crossbody's can cover that. did i mention it was cobalt?
sigh. this is my first pair of kendra scott earrings. i feel like it's going to be an obsession. i don't think i would dare buy these at full price because i'm not huge on designer earrings, but on sale? come on over to mama. what are your thoughts on her jewelry? do they live up to the hype?
yeah. gold polka dots for my white iphone? kate spade anything? amirite? perfection.
and then there was this dress. to be honest, i sorted the dresses by the $25-$50 section because i was like whooaaa nelly, amanda, don't get carried away now. and this one i liked. the back is scooped just a bit & it will be perfect for fall. maybe with those earrings? and that crossbody? i told y'all i hate matching, so that sentence is part kidding/part serious.
one last thing: i texted lee about my michael kors purchase & please, just read the below & then laugh/feel sorry for me/him.

lord, help him.
what have you bought from the sale?

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