Friday, July 25, 2014

etiquette + blogland = blog-tiquette

oh, hey friday! so i bring to you, here on this lovely day, a lovely rant. maybe not so much of a rant because no one likes rants. but more so lessons i've learned from blogland. you can also scratch out lessons & replace with things that drive me nuts if/when they do/don't happen.

to determine my annoyance with this, i'm going to rank my eeeeeeek face (slash kinda looks like the joker face?). the more faces, the more eeeeeek i am - all cosmopolitan magazine style.

1. bloggers who don't respond to comments via email or via anything.

eeeeek factor:

y'all - this is like blog-tiquette rule number 1. i don't care if you have 15 followers or 15,000. these are people who take time out of their lives to comment on your little spot on the internet. every blogger loves a little blog love. people actually give a flip about what you're writing. they could be out getting coffee, or riding elephants in africa, or parasailing on the shores of bali, for goodness sake, but they're not. they're reading what you deemed appropriate to share with the world.

and then they take 15 more seconds to actually comment on your words. blogger even makes it easy for you - you get a flippin' email about it! simply reply to that email with something that relates to what they said; a thoughtful sentence/conversation or at least an "i totally agree," a "haha," - just something!

i make it a point to comment back and i love doing that. sometimes i comment back so fast it's freaky like jimmy john's. i feel like when i comment on someone's blog and they don't reply it's like an unanswered text that has the iphone read receipts turned on. humiliating. slipping in orange juice in your sparkly jeans in the cafeteria in ninth grade embarrassing (yes, this happened to me).

fine, it's not that bad, because that's pretty dang bad, but it's still the emoji sad face bad.

2. you blog twice a month. or haven't blogged since may. or haven't blogged since 2012.

 eeeeek factor:

one of the things i look for in a blog is how often you blog. i have made actual friends through blogland; people whose life i know what's going on. some call it creepy; i find it fascinating.

i know who just got engaged and another girl who is about to pop out 8 lbs of something i don't want for 10 more years.

i know whose boyfriend just took them on a fabulous trip or another blogger whose dog is sick and i check every day for updates because fur babies are life.

but if you only blog like twice a month about a concert you went to and one "five on friday," i can't follow that. unless you're hilarious - i'll wait for that til the cows come home because humor is high rankings in my book. but to me, blogs are like a constant book; ever-changing just like our lives. i genuinely care what is going on!

3. alignment.

eeeeek factor:

i don't know if it's just my blogger interface, but this little system annoys the crap out of me sometimes with alignment. i'll have a picture & then like 10 huge gaps of space between my next sentence. then my pictures will be off and uneven and i'm the queen of symmetry. i freakin' love symmetry. quadrilaterals used to piss me off because they're uneven if you split them down the middle, but i can hang with a rhombus all day.

{side note worthy piece: i like to read my blogs the way i read my books. left to right. none of this centered stuff. but that's just my preference. you like yours centered? kay, cool - keep rockin' on; at least you blog three times a week & reply to my comments.}

4. blogland all chatting about the same thing.

eeeeek factor:

okay, this one was recent. i, too, and guilty of posting about the nordstrom anniversary sale. and i get how flippin' awesome it really is. and no, i'm not mad that everyone posted about it - i mean it's the most wonderful time of the year right? i read the most amazing guides and picks which totally helped me make my selections. so don't take this one to heart.

i'm a lover; not a fighter.

the best way i can describe this is like when it snows in north carolina. everyone (and literally their mother) puts "it's snowing!!!!!!!!" as their facebook status. it's like, we know. we see it. it happens every year. this one is only 2 faces because the nordy sale rocks. plus i really like snow. but when my work email sent me a reminder about the sale, i was like really? i even snapped at my computer over it because that totally mattered. i know!!!! i screamed.

everyone eventually forgets about this and life goes on.

5. no reply bloggers.

eeeeek factor:

in your defense, you probably don't know you're one. it means we can't reply to you! i was one before & my girl chesson showed me the way to the light out of the darkness. so, how can i sit here and harp with my rant saying you should always respond to those who slather a lil blog love on you if we can't reply. no worries. you can fix that issue here.

6. you comment; but they don't make sense.

eeeeek factor:

you're browsing. you see a picture of a balloon. you see a cake. you see presents. you comment happy birthday girl! i hope it's the best! .... when in reality, it's not my birthday. it's no one's birthday actually. it's my parents anniversary party that we threw them.

you're browsing again. you see a picture of a puppy. another picture where the puppy is running! a picture of the puppy sleeping in the cutest little ball. oooo an older picture of the puppy. wow, this dog got so big! a final picture of the dog laying under the christmas tree. you comment awww. your dog is so cute! how old is she? i bet you love coming home to her everyday after work! ... when in reality, that was my childhood dog when i was 7. i was reminiscing and telling a funny story about how she ate her chew toy one time trying to get to the peanut butter. she's no longer alive so no i don't see her after work.

kudos for the comments, but when they don't even relate to the post, they're almost null; which takes us back to point number 1.


and thus concludes my first real rant post about lessons i've learned in blogland. what's your pet peeves on blogs? besides my eek face because there's way too much of that in this one post.

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