Friday, July 11, 2014

favs of friday.

this week i seriously went and ate at a japanese place by myself. i felt like steven glansberg from super bad. in all honesty though, it's not that bad. when traveling for work, it gets pretty common to eat by yourself and this girl wanted some dang shrimp sauce and i was right beside a restaurant so "table for one, please" it was.
and it was glorius. shrimp sauce is the definition of the best sauce created ever. it goes on your rice. your zucchini. your carrots. your steak. you could probably use it as a drink if you wanted.

i also got my nails done and look like a straight up easter bunny. pastel blue & a pretty purple. i went to vip nails in the arboretum area of charlotte, and i have never had a better experience at a nail salon. they guy was attentive, funny, & poured me two glasses of wine without judging me. even though the salon was under slight construction because they were expanding, my experience there was awesome.

florida georgia line came out with their new song, dirt, and i can't stop listening. it talks about growing up in the country and remembering all the things you did in dirt. like running your truck wheels & writing people's names and throwing bonfires on dirt. i actually didn't do anything of this because i hate dirt, but i love the song.
i cannot wait to build a house on some dirt! whoo!

tomorrow, we head up to seven lakes, nc to watch one of my great friends, corey, get married to her sweetheart, adam! i met corey in college through mutual friends and she has such a sweet heart. i'm totally going to cry, but then again i cry at any wedding. actually i cry at pretty much anything happy. i can't wait to see her dressed in all white.

speaking of crying, oh my gosh - i cried like crazy watching this video about this dog with disformed legs. he looks just like francesca, so that made the waterworks ten times worse. don't watch it if you don't have tissues nearby. i didn't and it was mascara-city.
in the voice of rihanna... cheers to the freakin' weekend!
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