Thursday, July 17, 2014

healthy tzatziki sauce.

this is better than ranch. just kidding. but, it's close. 

in light of being all healthy, i bring to you this awesome sauce for dipping in carrots, cucumbers, colored peppers, broccoli or any other raw veggie for snack.
or "rabbit food" as lee likes to call it. rude.
i can make this, i can eat this, but for all things holy, i cannot pronounce this to save my life. i say something like "ta-zee-ki" and i'm pretty sure that's wrong.
i didn't use a blender or food processor - just a bowl, a knife, a cutting board & my ingredients.

half of a cucumber; finely diced
2-3 large tablespoon scoops of non fat greek yogurt
dill weed
lemon juice
{wine not necessary, but we all know it's wanted. plus i just really like cilantro, so that's optional.}

this is seriously the easiest thing in the world. in your mixing bowl, spoon your yogurt & squeeze in your desired taste of lemon juice (i did about two tablespoons). dice up your herbs & cucumber & throw in. stirr. stirr. stirr. boom - there's your dip.

substitute greek yogurt in your potatoes they said.
substitute greek yogurt in your chili they said.
substitute greek yogurt for all things sour cream they said.

i always found this stuff disgusting, but once i gave this a try, my mind was changed. goodbye 700 calories from a sour cream based sauce (compliments of my girl ina garten; yes i admittedly have a food network obsession); & hello about 60 calories for 1/2 a cup. or something like that. it's healthier than the other white stuff at least.

12 miles in to pumping 115! what mile are y'all on? are you dead yet? 6am this morning came super early, but i knew i didn't want to run after work so i got it out of the way. in the words of joey from friends, how youuu doin'?
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