Friday, July 18, 2014

i do weird things when alone.

when the boyfriend is away, the girlfriend will play. sitting on the couch in oversized pajama's with a blanket, wine & crushing episodes of gossip girl. which by the way brings me to the fact that it's completely weird that blair gives advice to serena for dating nate when blair and nate were ex long-time lovers. and come on, serena giving advice to dan for dating vanessa? and vanessa being cool about nate and serena while jenny tries to destroy it in the process?
sheesh. i thought my high school was bad. ex's don't work like that y'all!

speaking of lee being away, where is he you ask? chicago. on a boys trip. girlfriends looooove boy trips!
of course i'm totally kidding. i'll be heading down to new orleans next march for katie's bachelorette party so we will be stirring up trouble of our own. however, the boys did send me a picture last night while at a show & it was the cutest thing since baby panda bears.

and since he's in chicago, i have some photos of the city. i'm basically just chillin' on the couch living vicariously through his pictures. i will say it's not exactly as cool as being there, but you can't be the girlfriend who crashes dude's weekend. perhaps maybe the one who crashes dude's night occasionally, but never dude's weekend. don't be that girl.
when i visited chicago i had limited time to explore & eat everything i wanted to, so seeing these just reminds me i need to make a trip.

if you go to chicago and don't take a picture of the bean, did you really even go? that goes the same for the water spraying out of that old person's lips because that's totally normal. dear chicago people, what the heck is that? us down here in charlotte aren't so sure.
i've also cleaned the heck out of our kitchen. being alone brings out the mr. clean in me {sans the bald head}. i'm one of those people who starts cleaning & can't stop. it comes in spurts, so when the action strikes, i take advantage.
as you can tell my week was pretty lowkey, but katie and i are heading to discovery place tonight for an event i can't wait to tell y'all about. my nerdy 8 year old self is estatic because it's an "adult" science party meaning all things museum + adult beverages.
so for now, i'll leave you with a super awesome picture of some strawberries & watermelon & the genius idea to put strawberries in my wine.

no, this is not sangria. sangria has multiple types of wine & fruit. this is just straight up strawberries in wine. i have nice cold bottle of bubbly waiting for me later that would probably love to hang out with some strawberries too. sometimes i have awesome ideas.

ps: the nordstrom anniversary sale is open to the public today. i made it without buying a card to have early access. i did it, y'all. i don't know how but i did. if that's not a reason to be happy, i don't know what is.
happy friday!

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