Monday, July 7, 2014

it is a party in the USA!

after a much awaited, last minute planned trip to the beach for the fourth, lee and i packed up the car on thursday and headed down to the dirty myrtle.
when i think 4th of july, i think people, fireworks, food, and some sand & sea.

and no, contrary to popular belief, lee is giving us a thumbs up. not the finger.

we arrived about 3.5 hours later and checked into our room that we rented from airbnb. i'm doing a completely different post on this service later, as it deserves one.

hurricane arthur had showed it's ugly face during the day. lee and i rain into a small amount of rain driving down, but once we headed out to barefoot landing for dinner, we didn't see a single drop. if anything, it got rid of all that gross humidity & my hair actually didn't look like i stuck my finger into a socket.
we ate a casual chicken dinner at tbonz. it was pretty average. the coolest part was the fishtank. my favorite part about this night was what lee had planned after our stomachs were full.


i'd always heard about ocean annie's, but had never been. it's the freakin' bomb. located right on the beach front with steps leading down to the sand and ocean; could that get any cooler? we kicked off our first night cheers-ing to no rain, and a pitcher of something sweet.

people were already setting off fireworks as the live band played old time songs. we knew we had a huge day of beachin' the next morning, so we headed back. lee has played out that jake owen song now and i can't get it out of my head. every time we got in the car, that song was jammin'.
let's just say i totally got my wish of being around people for the 4th. it was p.a.c.k.e.d. and the weather was perfect. we sipped out of our festive #merica cups and soaked up the sun. maybe a little too much as i'm currently fried crispy as i write this post. when will i ever learn to use more sunscreen?

sidenote: we totally hit the jackpot. the first night we went up to ocean annie's, there was no where to park. the bar is located behind a hotel resort, so we went to the front desk & lee told them we were not hotel guests, but just wanted to check out the bar & asked where should we park. the hotel guest services representative must have though he said we were guests, as she handed us a parking pass to park in their deck across the street. as our room was 5 miles from the beach, this was total clutch as we got to park there for all three times we visited.
insert a mini-party here.

for our second night, i was feelin' crab legs. it's only right that you get them at the beach, duh? we headed over to joe's crab shack back at barefoot landing which was about a 10 minute drive from our place.

neither of us had ever been to a gimmicky restaurant that hand-wrote descriptions about us on our bibs. lee got deemed the "king of all hot crabs" which i still don't know if that's a compliment or an insult. i got "sexy legs at joe's" because.... yep, i'm still not sure about that one either. we ordered the ever amazing lobster nachos and split a steampot of crab legs, sausage, potatoes, shrimp, & corn. thus far the best (and most expensive) meal of the trip.

i had one objective for the 4th & that was to watch the fireworks on the beach. we remembered that handy dandy parking voucher & headed back over to ocean annie's. if you haven't been on the beach for the 4th, it's unreal & not like anything else i've seen. all that's visible for miles are fireworks going off everywhere. i mean everywhere.

hotel's are setting them off; drunk people that shouldn't be setting them off were setting them off, and kids were running around like it was christmas time. it's basically the next best thing.

tired & sunburnt, we headed back. the next day the ocean was rough. i'm already sorta kinda a huge baby when it comes to the ocean even though i love it. the current was so rough we only got in one time, but i still got to enjoy this view the whole day.
here he is, y'all: my personal comedian.
our last night was probably my favorite night (other than the fireworks show). we headed over to broadway on the beach at sunset for an incredible dinner from key west grill & some margaritas. i ordered the mahi mahi with some lemon garlic butter cream sauce that i could have seriously drank. lee got a pork shank (whatever that is) that was unreal too. by far, yet again the best (and now most expensive) meal of our trip. so. worth. it.
crocodile rocks is hands down one of my favorite spots in all of myrtle. i first came here on spring break while in college and i knew i wanted to take lee here. it's a hilarious dueling piano duet show and seriously one of the most fun things we did. we started talking to these three random guys from toronto and they became our friends for the night.
i'm still dreaming about being down there and i couldn't have had a more fun trip without the person i love the most. only three more weeks until we're back at the beach again! you better believe i'm counting down the days.

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