Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#trending | cobalt crush.


dress: vestique (old) | scarf: j. crew factory (similar) | sunnies: j. crew factory | crossbody: michael kors

radiant orchid needs a run for its money because i'm crushing on some cobalt. who is in charge of naming these colors anyway? radiant orchid? cobalt? whatever happened to purple & blue? you know, simple words. it reminds me of that restaurant in charlotte called the peculiar rabbit. what the hell kind of name is that for a place to eat? well, whatever. i'm going to quit before i get distracted.

i picked this crossbody up at the nordstrom sale solely because of it's color. didn't even notice its price before it was in my shopping cart. dang it. it's an easy bag that will transition into fall too. i'm a sucker for crossbodies because i'm still hands-free. i feel like i'm going to be one of those moms who straps their kid on a contraption held to their chest. maybe borderline lazy, but at least i'm not putting my kid on a leash. big no-no.


other than this random purse i got from target, this is my first big girl purse (the six coach bags i carried in high school/college don't count). i've always just been a clutch kinda girl. i don't carry around that much stuff! gah, signs you're a grownup = a grown up purse. i'm pushing 26 this september and i don't want to talk about it.

i also am loving the idea of summer scarves. since i'm now, all of a sudden, into florals this year, the colors on the scarf - including a mashup of blended (?) cobalt - really brought out the look with this dress. i feel like high-low dresses have had their debut in the spotlight, but this one from vestique last year still knows how to party. it's lightweight & sheer; perfect for the muggy weather that being at the beach this past weekend brought to us.

i feel like a ocean goddess. just kidding, i don't. but if i had a dress to pick to try & mimic that feeling, this one would be it. 

now if we could just find a perfect shampoo to stop 102 degree humidity weather from ruining any chance of a curl staying in your hair. we can dream right?

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