Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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top: forever 21 (old); similar style here, here & here // sailboat shorts: j. crew factory // necklace: j. crew factory // shoes: old; similar here at target // location: broadway at the beach

i'm a girly girl. i was the one who was grossed out by mud and dirt; the one people refered to as a "indoor girl." i played sports (or attempted, rather), but when they wanted me to slide into home plate and get my uniform dirty; nope! think again.

so naturally, i'm attracted to any clothing that's girly. that's where these ruffles come into play. however, i'm a strong believer in having ruffles on clothing can go completely wrong too. ever seen monster in law with j. lo & that god awful peach dress she had to wear? insert your cringe here. that right there is a prime example of too much of a good thing. this top has just a subtle ruffle around the sleeves and bottom hem that just makes my freakin' day. 

not to mention the color. i think jewel tones are a one of my faves things to pair with neutrals such as these shorts. i also think i wear this necklace at least once a week. i have wedding coming up this weekend & i'm thinking it's going to go nicely with the jewel toned dress and my new shoes from nordstrom rack. those are some beauties. more on them at another time. 

andddd that brings me to these shorts. i'd like to say they're not from j. crew factory... sigh... but they are. i feel like own just about their whole selection and for the amount of time i have blogged about their clothing. hey, j. crew factory - need a blogger? i'm your girl.

 the mini black sailboats were perfect for broadway at the beach when we went this past weekend for the 4th and for a picture with my new skeleton friend up there. 

a dinner date with margarita's turned crazy night out rocking out to a dueling piano bar, this outfit was easy to pull off. 

and as always, a quick shout out to my awesome photographer who only complains most some of the time! 

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