Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#trending tuesday | layering necklaces

boxy woven top: forever 21 (so cheap!) | dark washed jeans: america eagle | leopard sandals: target | toenail polish: essie play date | crystal sunburst necklace: j. crew factory |crystal venus flytrap necklace: j. crew

they are not called statement necklaces for nothing, people. since i laid my eyes on theses two from j crew, i haven't been able to stop wearing them. i seriously think it goes with everything. this was the first time i paired them together and it was endless rivers of the heart eyed emoji.

you can't really tell by the pictures, but this shirt is more neon that this leads on. before you can call me out; i will call myself out for wearing the crop top. these things scare me and it was quite windy the day we were walking around uptown, if you know what i mean. sketchy city!

and yes, i am very well aware that jeans from AE is sooo college (...soooo high school?). don't judge me; they fit me great and are like $40 bucks or less. it's rare that i wear jeans these days anyway, so droppin the whole $200 dollar thing on jeans that i would wear once every three months isn't my idea of fun. patterned pants are my jam. grape flavored.

i did just buy these leopard (or are they cheetah? what's the difference?) flats from target recently, yet for some crazy reason they're not listed online. probably because they were snatched up off the aisle faster than you can hide your kids & hide your wife. i even bought a half size too small because i wanted them. sacrifices we make. 

are you into layering necklaces? i want to get into more bold choices, but for now these crystal babies will do just fine.

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