Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#trending tuesday | palm trees.



look y'all; in my defense, i've already told you how obsessed i am with j. crew factory shorts. i honestly now own like five pair of them. so i'm throwing out the overdone & overplayed "sorry not sorry" for posting about them in the future. a couple of times.

but let's stop for a second. they are $27 {on sale}. $27 is a meal. i used to have this weird thing where i wouldn't think twice about dropping some money on good food, but hestitated when it came to clothes. and then i realized i was an idiot. you can't eat the same meal twice (without paying for it again), but you can wear clothing until the seams fall out.

...or until you take a picture in it and have to shove it away for three months because DARE you repeat outfits. i'm getting better at both of these things but we are not quite there yet. i recently went through my closet and did a HUGE purge. i'm talking over 100 tops. i gave them to lee's mom and she was astonished at how many i didn't wear. #shopperprobs

h&m is another fav because they have such simple pieces that need to be paired with such loud shorts. i mean these things just scream hawaii sunset, amirite? i got this shirt when i was in chicago and let me just say charlotte h&m < chicago h&m. or rather yet, charlotte shopping < chicago shopping. it's a good thing i don't live there.

ps it was super sunny when we shot these pics. not to mention like 90 degrees. i wore this outfit out on saturday night when i crashed dude's night. dude's love when you do that apparently. the ones i was with didn't care anyway.

palm tree patterns are popping up in all these boutiques in dresses & rompers. since my body doesn't like the style of a romper (or i have yet to find one to fit me correctly because i'm a little over 5'8"), these shorts will be my go-to. except now i've taken a picture in them and can't wear them again until 3 months. which is fall time.

...i'm kidding.

disclaimer: my nails didn't match this on purpose. i'm not one of those matchy match girls.

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