Thursday, July 10, 2014

triple c: cheddar cheese chicken

tracking calories is stupid.

but it's necessary and really makes you see what you're putting into your body. 

i threw all that out the window last night with dinner. but hey, i'm 5 miles deep into pumping 115 before pumpkins so, it evens out right? 110 to go y'all. 110. 

lee and i like to cook together, but don't always agree on what spices to use. seriously, ask our friends what's our biggest argument and it's totally over food. i don't know if that's embarrassing or something we should be proud of. anyway, i pulled out some frozen chicken breasts and scanned the pantry for what i should do with them.

i spotted some ruffled cheddar & sour cream chips and we were in business. ps: those are the best chips on the whole planet. told you ruffles were trending!
this was so easy i could've done it blindfolded. until it's time to put it in the oven. i'm freakin' terrified of the oven. 
want to relieve some stress? i have your solution. grab a meat pounder tool thingy and go to town. i mean wack the heck out of those chicken breasts - until they're flat anyway. try not to do this as you have a living room full of guests. oops. 

spread pesto {next time, we will add a smear of cream cheese for extra moisture} over the breasts and roll them up & secure with toothpicks. dip them in a bowl with an egg for coating & roll them in crushed up ruffles chips with ranch seasoning & some grated parmesean cheese; preferably fresh. i was just being lazy.

i always spray mine with a bit of olive oil spray to bake them nice and crunchy. otherwise your breading is just kinda blah. toast those babies up for about 30-35 minutes on 350 degrees. 


i also sauteed some zucchini and onion on the side & tossed in the remaining egg mixture & "breading" when they were about 5 minutes from done. barney always said don't waste anything. 

maybe that wasn't barney. i was just obsessed with barney as a kid and now i'm getting off topic. 

cut open those chicken breasts and see all that basil-y pesto. i actually pulled my chicken pretty early and had to put them back in so make sure you're checking that before you go devouring because you're going to want to devour.

what's your favorite way to cook chicken? clearly i'm getting tired of my usual ways if i'm over here utilizing the last case scenario of a week old bag of chip crumbs from the beach. which actually turned out pretty tasty...

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